Sober Living vs. Halfway House vs. 3/4 House…

Hollywood and Dania Beach, FL Halfway Houses, 3/4 Houses and Sober LivingsIn describing or referring to transitional housing environments it’s common to hear the terms sober living home, halfway house & 3/4 house being used interchangeably.  To many, they all pretty much mean the same thing.  In large part it depends what part of the country you come from.

In Florida the terms are almost equal in definition.  If you search the web for any portion of Florida, whether it’s Hollywood, Dania Beach, Ft Lauderdale or anywhere else for that matter, you’ll notice that they pretty much all refer to themselves as sober livings, halfway and 3/4 houses.  Yet in many other regions there is a substantial difference between the three.  Out along the West Coast, the most common descriptor is “sober living home” across the board.  Throughout the East Coast the term is primarily “3/4 house” and any reference to “halfway house” is more along the lines of a licensed long-term treatment facility with actual clinical staff on site.  Throughout the Central US and Midwest it’s actually quite common to see a massive shortage of options when it comes to these types of transitional housing services, unfortunately!

The term 3/4 house refers to a step down or phase-2 type of environment from the traditional halfway house, usually indicating less day-to-day structure as well as possibly other elements such as; later curfews, freedom to start working or attending school, overnight passes and so on.  This is just an example and it is important to note that each residence has their own unique policies and guidelines!  With respect to Recovery House 54, this is a semi-structured recovery environment that focuses on both, daily recovery practices as well as reintegrating into society.  Some people refer to us as a sober living home, others call us a halfway house or a 3/4 house or even a transitional residence.  At the end of the day, however, what we are is a caring, proactive recovery residence for men choosing a new way of living!

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